1:1 Sessions & Container

The core values of the healing sessions & containers I offer are:

Honoring the cyclical nature of your own BEing and your healing journey.

Serving & elevating the Divine Healer inside of your heart.


I combine the knowledge of my background in Biodynamic Osteopathy, Naturopathy & Energy Medicine,
with my gift of sight, reading your energy system & translating it´s messages for the Now.

1:1 Single Session

A touch for your Heart.
Receiving deeper insights for your present (physical,emotional,mental,spiritual) & elevating the wisdom of your inner Healer.

You receive 

  • a 30 minutes holistic consultation for your present topic & an energy reading – The quality of the reading is based on Natural Law. Meaning; I am in service to the Divine Healer inside of you & “work” alongside with this energy.
  • a 3o minutes gentle integration of the elements that have been touched & a soothing energy realignment deeper into your own heart space.

1:1 Container

You are yearning for root cause insights & transformation.

You are ready to dive deep and connect with your own medicine.


Spiraling deeper into the own heart & the own present topics on a holistic level, is something I view as sacred.

To honor this, we will meet for a “Connection Session”, for you and me to see if we are a match. 

Please fill out the questionnaire below. 
After that, you will be guided to schedule the Session. 


Since a couple of years I have being visiting Essenia! I honestly recommend her with closed ayes - her way of explaining - her sensibility and how connected she is with our feelings, make of her work unique . Every time I talk to her all comes clear to my heart and I understand the meaning of what I am learning and the pain leaves couse there is always something beautiful happening ! Thanks dear for your heart ❤️ I love you and hope everybody could join you on this trip
Chef & Owner at Enamor Kitchen, Frankfurt, Germany
My session with Essenia has been a wonderful experience. Uplifting and deeply healing. Her intuitive powers let me see a perspective I was not aware of and enabled me growing tremendously. Thank you very much!"
Entrepreneur & Musician, Zürich, Switzerland
Essenia is not just a medicine woman, she's a spiritual guide. I received the most holistic help from her, arching over naturopathy, energy work, coaching, astrology and spiritual counselling. She's a seer, and not just in a sense of getting glimpses of your condition and offering quick tips on fixing them; her insight on the journey of the human soul in your body is very deep and reaches across many worlds, weaving the physical, mental and energy field, arriving with a laser consciousness to spiritual causes of your disease and offering a holistic advice on how to work on that. I first came to her to ask for help to recover after Covid, but I left with a full spiritual life upgrade. Probably I was also ready for that, but it was her who gave me the final compassionate push across the edge - to open my eyes to the true nature of my soul and the magic of my life.
Essenia own your medicine
Brussels, Belgium