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The Feeling LAB

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The Feeling LAB

Dive into the emotional world of your body &

transform it with the power of your own medicine


We are coming closer to our own heart space.
We create space.
We get in touch with the beat of our own drum.
We practice deepening trust.
For our body to open up for love..
For our mind to open up for love..
For our emotions to open up for love..
For our soul to merge with love in the now.
We are nourishing places, we are tending to places in our own rhythm.
We are touching layers in our bodies with kindness & clarity.
We are inviting in our own medicine.
The medicine that we truly need in this now moment.
Simple and powerful practices to invoke your own medicine.


What if tending to your body with care & love is actually invoking medicine?
What if feeling is the real medicine your temple as a whole needs?
What if „caring for your health“ would dissolve the moment you start to practice loving all of you deeper and deeper?



The Feeling LAB – Summer Series

We are moving through our physical body.
For 3 months.
2 Sessions a month.
Feeling. Breathing. Moving.
Every Session a different tending to our beautiful body landscape.
Reproductive organs

The Feeling Lab

starts on the 18th of June

Feel warmly welcomed.

For more information and to save your spot, click HERE