Star Reading

A Star Reading is an activation tool, for your inner crystalline blueprint. 

It serves, in gaining clarity in regards to

 – your healing & transformational path
– your unique soul´s wisdom
– understanding & loving your wounds, as well as the beauty of your essence
– the expression of your business, as a catalyst for change

A Star Reading is like your guidance tool for this time of change.
It is your best friend on the go, that reminds you of who you are, when in the midst of change & chaos, you maybe forgot. 

“Gnothi seauton – Know thyself” 
– Temple of Delphi-

A Star Reading touches you in your heart, 

so that you can more easily develop compassion for yourself and your journey
so that you can more easily anchor yourself in the essence of your Being

We will meet via Zoom and you will get a recording of the Session

You can book your Session on the link below.

I am happy to serve you.



1 Stunde 330€