About Essenia

Essenia Elena Osteopathie

Hi, I am Essenia. 

A Guide & Translator;
for the Voice of your Body; for the Voice of your Essence.
I am here to guide you, in seeing the Beauty of your Soul, in embracing & embodying your own medicine.
I started my journey studying Osteopathy and Naturopathy in Germany, because I wanted to find answers and because I wanted to be in a space of holistic healthcare education, that allowed me to think freely and that was connected to Nature´s Law.
I grew up in a small town in the Black Forest in Germany. My Father is a General Physician (Chirurg) & Osteopath, from whom I was able to learn from an early age on.
My greek grandma comes from a medicine tribe & shared a lot about her mystical ancient wisdom regarding Healing and the Unseen Worlds with me from an early age.
One sentence especially stays with me in my heart: 
„Remember, no matter what you do, do it with Love“.
It was normal to me, that when „traditional medicine“ couldn’t help, my grandma practiced her magic and we were good again.
It was until the moment, that despite of the richness of my family´s wisdom, I wasn’t getting better.
At the age of 16 I started to search for solutions. Seeing leading experts in their field, studying a variety of books & attending seminars regarding holistic healing & health; nutrition, psychology, the quantum field, you name it.
There came a point when I just felt pure bitterness. All the „efforts“ I putted in lead to nothing. 
There was just no ONE and no THING on the outside that seemed to give me direction and a solution.
Starting to study Osteopathy & Naturopathy was my first clear step in becoming my own best healer. And thus maybe being able to provide healing & direction for others.
I felt excitement & joy in learning all the things. 
After 3 years and 2 more to come in my studies, I experienced at least 1 time a week severe physical pain. And I didn’t understood why.
Again there was a point that I was confronted with „burdens“ on the outside.
I felt like no-one was telling me what was really going on.
I had thoughts like: maybe there is just something wrong with me. Maybe I am just too dramatic, too sensitive, not good enough to `make it`, etc.
It was the time my best friend shared with me her experience after a seminar. After some more time, I also attended.
It was one week with the focus on meditation & the inner world. 
And the deepest gift: 
I felt no-one was judging me for my experience. 
I felt like I was been seen for who I truly am. 
I felt presence. 
A year of 3 times daily meditation for me started. 
My perceptions changed in my studies, hence with perceiving the body. 
It felt like a true new journey had started. 
Out of my head and the accumulations of knowledge, into my heart and inner wisdom. 
The answers I have been searching, began to slowly show up & the symptoms that I have been faced with, began to slowly disappear. 
And for sure; the journey is ever evolving, ever unfolding.
The Essence here is: my inner healer, my inner medicine woman, my inner star, had been activated. 
And it changed not only my health in general, but the direction & purpose of my life.
Initiations. Thats how I would call those moments on the own journey. Initiations into your mission. These can be intense, chaotic, definitely not linear. 
And they have a purpose.
I would call them initiations into your true BEing. 
So my „work”, if I would describe it, is:  
at times intense, at times gentle, the journey may seem chaotic, yet always with a clear guidance, relating to the essence of the moment. 
In Biodynamic Osteopathy, the style of osteopathic treatment I practice, we know the term „ Primary Care Physician“. 
This is no one else, than your inner Healer. Your inner intelligence that is working FOR you. 
My sole job, how I understand it today is, to be of service to (how I call it), your „Inner Star“.
My mission is to provide guidance for you to feel & activate your „Inner Star“, translate it´s messages & follow it´s wisdom.
To become aligned with it´s own quality. 
To own your medicine.
So that you feel Home inside of yourself. So that you love & lead with, your unique contribution to this beautiful Earth. 
Thank you for BEing here.
With Love & Respect for your journey 
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