Own Your Medicine

Essenia Elena Osteopathie

Hi, I am Essenia. 

A Guide & Translator;
for the Voice of your Body; for the Voice of your Essence.
I am here to guide you, in seeing the Beauty of your Soul, in embracing & embodying your own medicine.
own your medicine.
That´s the core frequency of my mission.
To creatively shape this path together, in communion with our hearts, learning from each other,
with the focus on creating a new Earth, this is the point where my heart is deeply touched and breathes a sigh of relief.
Compassionate Medicine.
An integrative approach based on peace.
All these I believe are essential values for holistic healing & meaningful change. 
For us and for the world.
I believe that conscious change can happen when we focus on the power of the heart.
In interaction with ourselves, with others & with the earth.
By connecting our knowledge with our hearts and being courageous to take new paths from this touch.
To focus on the encounter with & the life of the own essence.
This is a loud & sometimes very quiet rebellion, from the strength of the heart.
It´s my pleasure to have you here.
Osteopathie in Bonn Biodynamik

Own Your Medicine & Sessions

Essence Reading

The Beauty of a Reading reveals itself, in inviting in your unique medicine, so that all of your aspects (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) can elevate in harmony through your heartspace.


Ich bin ausgebildete Osteopathin nach den höchsten europäischen Standards, sowie Heilpraktikerin. Mein Fokus liegt auf der biodynamischen Osteopathie. Ich biete osteopathische Behandlungen für Säuglinge, Kinder und Erwachsene in meiner Praxis in Bonn an.
„Osteopathy is to me a very sacred science. It is sacred because it is a healing power through all nature.“
Andrew Taylor Still

LOVE Notes

to come back home & activate your own medicine

Calm your mind and drop into your HeartSPACE.
Receive a Love Note, that works as a bridge to your inner healer and wisdom keeper.


I was very pleasantly surprised at how accurate my Star Reading with Essenia was. I had no expectations going into the reading as I’ve had astrological readings before. This however was more than an astrological reading. Essenia’s intuitions, visions and recommendations were spot on. She’s amazing!



Just listened to the Star Reading Essenia did for me and there was SO MUCH GOODNESS in it. I literally said at the end "man I want to be the woman who has this chart" about my own chart. 🙂 If you are looking for clarity check her out.

Jessica McClure

Leadership Coach, Seattle USA

Since a couple of years I have being visiting Essenia! I honestly recommend her with closed ayes - her way of explaining - her sensibility and how connected she is with our feelings, make of her work unique .
Every time I talk to her all comes clear to my heart and I understand the meaning of what I am learning and the pain leaves couse there is always something beautiful happening !
Thanks dear for your heart ❤️
I love you and hope everybody could join you on this trip


Chef & Owner at Enamor Kitchen, Frankfurt am Main

Liebe Essenia,

ich wusste nicht genau was mich erwartet in deinem Essence Reading. Also legte ich mich bequem hin und entspannte. Als du mir gesagt hast was du siehst, war ich erstaunt. Genauso habe ich mich gefühlt. Wie in einer Box, zurück gezogen, mich versteckend und nicht zeigen wollend. Ich war unsicher und wusste nicht wie ich meine Projekte und Ziele in die Tat umsetzen sollte. Durch das Reading habe ich den Mut gefasst mich zu zeigen und meine Ideen hinaus in die Welt zu bringen. Seitdem ist soviel passiert - soviel Schönes. Ich bekomme Unterstützung von vielen lieben Menschen und Anfragen von Patienten und Yoga Schülern. Dafür bin sehr dankbar. Ich danke dir liebe Essenia, dass du mir den Weg gezeigt hast. Alles Liebe für dich. 


Osteopathin & Yoga Lehrerin, Hamburg