An online Healing Temple.

A self study Course.
Dedicated to kiss the Divine Healer inside of you awake.

1:1 Sessions & Container

Enter a space that honors
your own cyclical nature of healing.

Connecting the HEARTS

A monthly online Ceremony.

We are coming together in a sacred space -
Connecting our hearts.
Inviting in the medicine of compassion.
Inviting in the medicine of the burning fire in our HEARTS.
Opening up for the warmth, love & the home frequency of our essence.
Breathing. Purifying the Heart & Mind.
Feel warmly welcomed.


I was very pleasantly surprised at how accurate my Star Reading with Essenia was. I had no expectations going into the reading as I’ve had astrological readings before. This however was more than an astrological reading. Essenia’s intuitions, visions and recommendations were spot on. She’s amazing!



Just listened to the Star Reading Essenia did for me and there was SO MUCH GOODNESS in it. I literally said at the end "man I want to be the woman who has this chart" about my own chart. 🙂 If you are looking for clarity check her out.

Jessica McClure

Leadership Coach, Seattle USA

I felt so so so deeply seen by Essenia, across all levels of my being. Exposure like that can be scary, I first got a bit uncomfortable when I realized that I have no other option but open fully, and when I did, I felt deeply held by her. She is shining a compassionate, soft and gentle light on whatever comes to her consciousness, she’s deeply called and dedicated to help humans live fuller lives physically and spiritually, becoming their own medicine.


Brussels, Belgium

My session with Essenia has been a wonderful experience. Uplifting and deeply healing. Her intuitive powers let me see a perspective I was not aware of and enabled me growing tremendously. Thank you very much!"


Entrepreneur & Musician, Germany