Thank you.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how accurate my Star Reading with Essenia was. I had no expectations going into the reading as I’ve had astrological readings before. This however was more than an astrological reading. Essenia’s intuitions, visions and recommendations were spot on. She’s amazing!
Just listened to the Star Reading Essenia did for me and there was SO MUCH GOODNESS in it. I literally said at the end "man I want to be the woman who has this chart" about my own chart. 🙂 If you are looking for clarity check her out.
Jessica McClure
Leadership Coach, Seattle USA
Since a couple of years I have being visiting Essenia! I honestly recommend her with closed ayes - her way of explaining - her sensibility and how connected she is with our feelings, make of her work unique . Every time I talk to her all comes clear to my heart and I understand the meaning of what I am learning and the pain leaves couse there is always something beautiful happening ! Thanks dear for your heart ❤️ I love you and hope everybody could join you on this trip
Chef & Owner at Enamor Kitchen, Frankfurt am Main GERMANY
Essenia hat die Gabe durch ihr mediales und feinfühliges Wesen einen in die eigene Mitte und Kraft zu bringen. Sie hat meine innere Herzensstimme gestärkt, mir geholfen ihr konsequenter zu folgen und Selbstverantwortung für mein Lebensglück zu übernehmen. Ich kann Essenia und ihr wundervoll heilsames Sein & Tun nur wärmstes empfehlen.