Alpha Chi Feng Shui

Just as the body and its energy flow can be read and brought back into balance by recognizing and releasing blockages/interference fields;

spaces & landscapes and their flow of life force & energy can also be read and brought back into harmony by recognizing interference fields.

Soma – Soul – Space

All three fields are constantly interacting.

Energetic feng shui can be used to cleanse and realign rooms.

By analyzing the existing energy fields, the qualities of the places/spaces become clear.

Blocking energies can be dissolved, what wants to flow more is strengthened.

Spaces thus unfold their supportive power in connection with the people who live in them/enter them.

Who is “energetic feng shui” for?

Wellness centers/ fitness studios
Real estate agents
Private practices

What can “energetic feng shui” help with?

Change in management / current deep transformation in the company
Crystallize the quality of the business more strongly (individual power places, strengthening of the individual frequency,…)
Shift from stagnation to individual flow & realignment
Physical complaints (sleep problems, restlessness in rooms,…)
Accompanying the energetic change in rooms on a holistic level


Energetic Feng Shui can be implemented online as well as on site.


If you have further questions or are interested in an analysis of your space, please contact me.