Holistic Health Online CLINIC

The core values of the
Holistic Health CLINIC are:

Honoring the cyclical nature of your own BEing and your healing journey.

Serving & elevating the Divine Healer inside of your heart.


I combine the knowledge of my background in Biodynamic Osteopathy, Naturopathy & Energy Medicine,
with my gift of sight, reading your energy system & translating it´s messages for the Now.

You will receive
– a holistic analysis of your 4 main bodies (physical, mental,emotional,soul)
– a consultation for their individual strengthening
– energy treatment to harmonize your system

Medical history, Consultation, Treatment



60-90 Minutes

Harmonizing your energy system to regulate itself on all the levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)
with your very own frequency.

1 Energyhealing Session


45 Minutes

3 Energyhealing Sessions


3 x 45 Minutes

In these sessions we go to the root of your current issue, touch deeper layers & move its core points towards liberation.

You will receive a strengthening of your 4 energy bodies down to the cellular level.

1 Session Consultation & Energyhealing


90 Minutes

3 Sessions Consultation & Energyhealing


3 x 75 Minutes


Essenia is not just a medicine woman, she's a spiritual guide. I received the most holistic help from her, arching over naturopathy, energy work, coaching, astrology and spiritual counselling. She's a seer, and not just in a sense of getting glimpses of your condition and offering quick tips on fixing them; her insight on the journey of the human soul in your body is very deep and reaches across many worlds, weaving the physical, mental and energy field, arriving with a laser consciousness to spiritual causes of your disease and offering a holistic advice on how to work on that. I first came to her to ask for help to recover after Covid, but I left with a full spiritual life upgrade. Probably I was also ready for that, but it was her who gave me the final compassionate push across the edge - to open my eyes to the true nature of my soul and the magic of my life.
Essenia own your medicine
Brussels, Belgium
As an entrepreneur, my business can only grow proportionally to how much I grow myself, to how much I can remove invisible layers blocking me to reach the next level without my awareness. I have worked with many advisors, healers and therapists over the last decade. Essenia has many rare qualities. Firstly, her empathy. She can see you, feel you, understand you, and is an amazing listener. You can truly feel her care for you. Secondly, she is using a holistic health approach to solve your challenges from different angles and perspectives. Every session with her was different and helped in various and complementary ways. Thirdly, what is extremely rare nowadays, and the reason why I respect her work so much, is that she is assuring you to be and stay sovereign. Many counsellors are making you dependent on them. Essenia gave me tools and techniques I can keep using forever, allowing me to have full power from within. Since then, I feel more grounded, stronger, I sleep better, my anger has been reduced and my overall health dramatically improved indirectly, in ways I did not imagine before. My business is growing as a result. Thank you again for your guidance, the world needs you and your unique voice.
Tony Lux
Tony Lux