CEO Advisory

Intuition. Clarity. Impact.​

Strengthening & aligning the individual frequency of the CEO and the company.

Challenges are growing into multidimensionality.
Solutions that have so far led to results no longer work.
I open the door to new perspectives with you and we work on it,
that different qualities join together at the table again.
Companies can become fields of change in which potential is developed.
Potential that transports the history and tradition of the company into the future.
A space in which people can grow and heal.
In which the quality of the company and the uniqueness of the individual are strengthened.
Full of transformational power into the future.

Working together

There are 3 ways to book the 1:1 consultation:

1 month
4 months
9 months

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Customer Feedback

As an entrepreneur, my business can only grow proportionally to how much I grow myself, to how much I can remove invisible layers blocking me to reach the next level without my awareness. I have worked with many advisors, healers and therapists over the last decade. Essenia has many rare qualities. Firstly, her empathy. She can see you, feel you, understand you, and is an amazing listener. You can truly feel her care for you. Secondly, she is using a holistic health approach to solve your challenges from different angles and perspectives. Every session with her was different and helped in various and complementary ways. Thirdly, what is extremely rare nowadays, and the reason why I respect her work so much, is that she is assuring you to be and stay sovereign. Many counsellors are making you dependent on them. Essenia gave me tools and techniques I can keep using forever, allowing me to have full power from within. Since then, I feel more grounded, stronger, I sleep better, my anger has been reduced and my overall health dramatically improved indirectly, in ways I did not imagine before. My business is growing as a result. Thank you again for your guidance, the world needs you and your unique voice.
Tony Lux
Tony Lux
Entrepreneur & CEO in Marketing, Paris
I felt so so so deeply seen by Essenia, across all levels of my being. Exposure like that can be scary, I first got a bit uncomfortable when I realized that I have no other option but open fully, and when I did, I felt deeply held by her. She is shining a compassionate, soft and gentle light on whatever comes to her consciousness, she’s deeply called and dedicated to help humans live fuller lives physically and spiritually, becoming their own medicine.
UN Translator, Brussels
I greatly appreciate Essenia's advice on both business and personal issues. Her consultations always bring a deeper and more holistic level of understanding into play. Decision-making processes run faster and they are basically an excellent way to find more inner clarity and inner peace.
Michael Alexander Arnold
Founder of Conscious Performance Partners, Zürich