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own YOUR medicine

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Own your grief
Own your bliss
Own your bursting open love
Own your magic flow
Own your lows
Own your highs
Tuning into where we are really at
Clears the path to what we really need as medicine
Like that the bewildered excursion into glorified fields of medicine eventually dissolves
The ingestion of poison, thinking it is medicine eventually minimizes.. or entirely fades away
The reverence for one’s own path heightens.
As well as for the one of the other.
Cause who can explain the complexity of a life span in itself?
True medicine shows the way deeper into your heart.
It may be bitter, it may be refreshing,
though the way that it is showing,
has a quality of opening ..
For life, for the beauty of your heart, for grace restoring order in the highest form.
May you see the beauty in your heart.
May you hold yourself with dignity and grace.